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Leg Lifting

Skin regeneration in the body slows down with age.Since cell renewal and collagen production slow down, there are more superficial renewals in the skin, while renewals inthe lower layers are quite low.Therefore, age-related deformations occur over time.Deformations may also occur on the skin surface due to overweight or in relation to genetic predisposition.One of the areas where women complain the most is the legs.Skin disorders on the legs attract a lot of attention and disturb the person.Among the most common problems are sagging and loosening of the legs.There are many methods for these problems.However, the most effective and fastest solution is leg lift aesthetics.With leg lift aesthetics, tightening process is applied in leg sagging.



For the comfort and safety of our patients, we assist our patients in their urban transportation. When you come to Turkey, we will accompany you to your examination.

Your doctor may want you to have certain tests and analyzes to make sure your health is suitable for the Arm Lift procedure.



During the Leg Lift surgery, excess skin and fat between the waist and knee are removed. The remaining skin is positioned on the contours placed during the operation to obtain a tighter appearance.


After the intervention, we need to host you in our clinic.



On the third day you will be ready to leave the clinic.


Our team will accompany you to your hotel that we have arranged for you to rest.



After Leg Lift surgery, your doctor will inform you about your recovery plan.


We expect you to follow the instructions and your doctor's recommendations for a faster recovery.



When you come to AesthealClinic, your health and operation status will be checked by your doctor.


Then we will accompany you to the airport and witness your step towards a new beginning.

Leg lift aesthetics take about 2-3 hours.Leg stretching can be done as upper leg stretching, inner leg stretching or both together.During the procedure, local anesthesia or general anesthesia is applied.No pain is felt during the procedure and its side effects are very few.
During the procedure, excess fat and skin tissues are removed from the areas with sagging problems by incision process.Then, the process is terminated by reshaping the skin tissue on the leg.You can be discharged on the same day after the procedure, but it is recommended to stay away from active activities for the first week.After leg lift surgery, slight swelling and redness may occur.After about 4-5 days, the swelling will start to go down.The suture scar due to the incision process is an aesthetic stitch and the scar will disappear over time and will become little noticeable to the person.
    After leg lifting, a fast and precise result is obtained in appearance.The sagging skin is tightened and a more fit appearance is formed on the skin.The leg lift is an extremely natural-looking procedure and its effect is long-lasting.If there is no deformation due to trauma or overweight, the skin retains its tight appearance.If you are complaining about the appearance of sagging skin on your legs, you can contact Aesthesl's expert team and get detailed information about the leg lift process.You can have a tighter leg structure with the leg stretching process.

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