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Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Men's Beard considers the most important reason that gives manly look and a huge sense of confidence.

As important as hair is for men also the beard, because it can modify men's outer look. In recent years this operation was the most wanted operation for men and it depends on transferring follicles from the donor area to the beard which we call the Bold area



We will cover the transportation from the hotel to the hospital for your comfort and safety.

First, you will meet your doctor to benefit from his advice and consultancy then he will examine the

donor and bold area to decide if the operation can be done or not.



Using painless local anesthesia during the operation, follicles are taken from the donor area to the

bold one

After the operation, you will get your warranty certificate that mentions the follicles number and

other operation details adding to some medications in case of any emergency


Rest Day

You will rest at the hotel following the doctor's recommendations and instructions and we will keep

in touch with you in case of any need.


Washing Day

Our team will accompany you to the hospital for the last checking also for giving instructions about

washing for the first month of the operation.

After that, we will leave you at the airport to witness a new start and a new life full of happiness and


Technics we use for beard hair transplant

The operation begins with painless local anesthesia preventing any sense of pain, as for a normal hair transplant where we use the FUE technic, due to this technic, follicles are taken from the donor area to the bold one which gives high density and normal beard appearance.

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