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Cat Eye

The eye area is among the most important elements for the first effect and impression. The first impression in both social and professional life is provided by eye contact. There are many methods to have a more symmetrical and more shaped eye structure. Cat eye aesthetics is a surgical procedure that is permanent among these methods. Thanks to cat eye aesthetics, the eye structure is reshaped and can be applied to have more slanted eyes. In addition, the eye and its surroundings are the area that most reflects aging. Cat eye aesthetics is also effective for sagging due to aging, loosening skin structure, collapses and wrinkles. Since the eyes are stretched out of the corner of the eye, they gain a more recessed and tighter appearance after the procedure. Thanks to the cat eye, a more remarkable expression is formed on the face.



For the comfort and safety of our patients, we assist our patients in their urban transportation.

First of all, you will meet with your doctor and you will benefit from our consultancy service. As a result of certain tests and doctor's examination, you will learn whether your health is suitable for the operation.



The techniques to be used in Cat Eye Aesthetics can vary significantly according to your expectations and needs.

After the intervention, we have to host you in our clinic one day.



After the necessary tests are done, you will be ready to leave our clinic.

We will accompany you to your hotel that we have arranged for you to rest.



After the Cat Eye Aesthetic, your surgeon will explain to you what you need to do in your recovery process.

You can experience a faster recovery process by following your doctor's instructions and recommendations.



When you come to Aestheal Clinic, your health condition and the condition of your operation will be checked by your doctor.

Then we will accompany you to the airport and witness you step into a new beginning.

For cat eye aesthetics, local anesthesia is applied to the face area before the procedure. After numbness is achieved, excess tissues are removed and reshaped with a small incision at the edge of the eye and the eye is made slanted and tense. The whole procedure takes about 1 hour, the person can continue his daily life after the procedure. In the first few days after aesthetic surgery, slight swelling and redness may be seen. By applying a cold compress, swelling can be removed in a short time. However, contact with water should be avoided for a few days after the procedure and protection from the sun's rays should be required. The effect of the procedure is immediate. The effect on one's face is noticed very quickly and has a lasting effect.

    Cat eye aesthetics are among the most popular procedures in recent times and are preferred for a more remarkable facial expression. After cat eye aesthetics, the face generally gains a younger, more symmetrical, tighter and more aesthetic appearance. In cat eye aesthetics, how much the tip of the eye will be lifted and the level of recession are planned according to the desire of the person. Since the eye area is a sensitive area, it is very important that the application is performed by a professional team. If you want a stunted and firmer look in your eyes, you can contact Eastheal's expert team and get detailed information.

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