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Laser Teeth Whitening

Staining occurs on the teeth over time due to nutrition patterns, consuming products such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, aging and not cleaning regularly. Stains create a yellow appearance on the teeth. These stains become permanent over time and do not pass with methods such as tooth brushing and flossing. That is why more advanced methods have been developed to get rid of stains. Teeth cleaning at the dentist, the use of whitening plaques and laser teeth whitening are among the methods to get rid of stains on the teeth. Among these methods, laser teeth whitening gives the fastest and most accurate result. With the laser tooth whitening method, a white, healthy and beautiful appearance is obtained in the teeth. Laser tooth whitening method can be applied to both yellowed teeth, stained teeth and subsequent aesthetic teeth.



For the comfort and safety of our patients, we help our patients in their urban transportation. First, we will accompany you to your examination.

He or she will examine your teeth and jaw condition with the necessary evaluations for laser teeth whitening and then plan your treatment.



The laser teeth whitening procedure is carried out in a dentist's room. A concentrated whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth to remove stains, and then a laser is used to activate the applied gel by heating it



After testing your new white and proportionate teeth, our team will accompany you to the AesthealClinic for your dentist to check you and your results. Then we will accompany you to the airport and witness your step towards a new beginning.

  Laser teeth whitening takes about 45-50 minutes and a single session is enough for all teeth whitening. In laser teeth whitening, gels with special ingredients are used. With these gels and rays, which have a strong content, whitening is provided in the tooth. Before the procedure, a protective apparatus is placed to protect the gum and lips. Glasses are also worn to protect the eyes from laser beams. Then gel is applied to the teeth. Laser beams are applied to the tooth surfaces where the gel is applied at intervals of 30 seconds. With laser beams, the gel is activated and foamed and waited another minute or two after the procedure, cleaning the gels from the tooth surface. In the first few days after the procedure, tooth and gums may experience sensitivity due to the procedure. However, this situation is temporary. Therefore, care should be taken not to consume hot and cold food in the first week. In addition, during the first 2 weeks, foods and habits such as coffee and tea that will cause stains again should be avoided. Teeth that are whitened with laser are open to stain formation again during this time.
   Laser teeth whitening has the most advanced technology among tooth whitening procedures. It is a whitening method chosen to achieve white and bright teeth in the most effective and fastest way. In order to prevent damage to the teeth and gums in the laser tooth whitening method, it is important that it is applied correctly by experts and that the gums are not damaged. You can contact Aestheal's expert and reliable team to get healthier and whiter teeth with laser teeth whitening.

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