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Recently, aesthetic interventions have become popular among men as well as women. One of the most preferred and curious aesthetic operations by men is gynecomastia aesthetics. Gynecomastia refers to breast growth in men and gynecomastia aesthetics is applied for the problem of breast growth in men. Gynecomastia can develop due to overweight, hormonal imbalances, drug use or chronic diseases. Breast growth can cause both psychological and physical distress for men. As a result of breast growth, men may feel uncomfortable from the posture of clothes, not looking aesthetic, looking feminine, and being overweight. Gynecomastia aesthetics is a method that offers fast and effective solutions for these problems. If there is no excessive weight gain or hormonal imbalance after the procedure, the effect is permanent.



For the comfort and safety of our patients, we assist our patients in their urban transportation.


When you come to Turkey, we will accompany you to your examination. Your doctor may want you to have certain tests and analyzes to make sure your health is suitable for the procedure.



The characteristics of the gynecomastia process and the techniques to be used may vary considerably according to your expectations and needs.


After the intervention, we need to host you in our clinic.



On the third day you will be ready to leave the clinic.


Our team will accompany you to your hotel that we have arranged for you to rest.



After gynecomastia surgery, your doctor will inform you about your recovery plan.


We expect you to follow the instructions and your doctor's recommendations for a faster recovery.



When you come to AesthealClinic, your health and operation status will be checked by your doctor.


Then we will accompany you to the airport and witness your step towards a new beginning.

The aesthetic procedure of gynecomastia is performed under general anesthesia. During the gynecomastia process, excess fat and skin tissues are removed through an incision under the breast. Then, the breast is reshaped and closed and it is necessary to use bandages or special undershirts for about 3-4 weeks. It is recommended not to do strenuous physical activities after surgery and contact with water should be avoided for the first few days. In the first days of surgery, mild pain, slight swelling or redness may be seen. But after about a week, these mild side effects also disappear. The scar due to surgery heals gradually. After about 1 month, it has a completely natural appearance. It is recommended to lie on your back until a full appearance is obtained after the operation. The gynecomastia procedure can be applied to men of all ages, but since it is a usual condition during adolescence, it is preferable that the development is completed.
   After gynecomastia aesthetic surgery, the person gets the desired breast appearance. With gynecomastia breast reduction operation, men get rid of the discomfort they feel in social life. The gynecomastia process offers a new look and comfortable movement in the breast area. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your breast and there is excessive growth in your breast, you can get detailed information from Aestheal's expert team for gynecomastia process and have the appearance you want.

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