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Endodontic Surgery

Endodontic Surgery is a method performed to save your teeth that cannot be treated

Endodontics, that is, root canal treatment, is thought to be a big and difficult treatment among people. However, root canal treatment is a very easy procedure.Root canal treatment is applied in one or two sessions and does not cause pain to the person.Root canal treatment is not a painful process as it is thought.On the contrary, a painful and inflammatory process is terminated with root canal treatment.If tooth decay is not intervened, it can cause deeper decay in the tooth and gum problems.When treatment is not applied, recurrent inflammation and chronic pain may occur.Advanced dental caries should be intervened immediately with root canal treatment.Root canal treatment is applied in advanced caries where the filling process will be insufficient.Priority treatments are those aimed at keeping the dental pulp alive.Dental pulp refers to the part of the tooth root that is the neural network and provides functionality.However, in advanced dental caries, the dental pulp is irreversibly damaged.Therefore, the nerve in the tooth root is removed with root canal treatment.



For the comfort and safety of our patients, we cover your transportations during the whole


In the beginning you will meet our dentist to benefit from his advices and point of view, then he will

examine your jaw condition and plan your treatment.


Bacteria Removal

Your endodontist will inform you about your specific treatment process after the examination, but in general;

To treat the infection, the bacteria must be cleaned from the teeth and roots of the teeth until reaching the damaged levels to heal and clean it


Filling Root Canals

Gaps are cleaned and shaped with small tools and disinfectants , canal treated tooth filled with filling material.

Your endodontist will start before your dentist and he will usr special temporary fillers during healing process , this will helps the roots of the teeth in jaws to heal and get its normal situation back.


Healing Process

After Endodontic Surgery, your doctor will provide you with a recovery plan. We expect you to follow the instructions and your doctor's advice for a faster recovery.



It may take several more appointments to complete your treatment. Your endodontist will tell you after the examination. will inform you about your full treatment process

Our team is up to the Aestheal Clinic for your endodontist to check on you and your surgery recovery. A final x-ray will be taken during the examination


Dentist Appointment

As the filled tooth will become more fragile, it will be necessary to protect the tooth with fillings or with a new crown. Your dentist will determine the treatment process according to your condition. If you need a new crown, your measurements will be taken and the lab will use the best quality for your crowns producing. Don't forget that time is an important part we need produce the crowns


Fitting Crowns

When the healing process is completed and your crown is prepared according to the shape of your mouth and teeth, It will be placed

Then we will accompany you to the airport for a fresh start full of healthy smile.

The priority of root canal treatment is to treat the infected and rotten tooth.First of all, in the root canal treatment, local anesthesia effective needle, spray or cream can be used so that the person does not feel pain.Since the relevant tooth area will be numb, you will not feel any pain for a few hours.A rubber layer is placed in the mouth area so that the liquid is not swallowed during the procedure and the root canal is not filled with salivary fluid.In root canal treatment, first of all, the tooth decay in the tooth is cleaned with an apparatus.In this way, the caries and sediments in the tooth are removed from the tooth by rasping.Then, the nerve in the tooth root is reached and the nerve of the tooth is removed.With this process, the tooth is numbed and tooth sensitivity is removed.The next stage of root canal treatment is the repair stage.Now the cleaned tooth is filled with dental filling.With the dental filling, the tooth is given shape and a new appearance in the final stage.Root canal treatment has no harm to the person and the teeth.Removal of the nerve in the tooth makes the tooth lose its sensitivity to cold and hot.Therefore, the functionality of the tooth still continues as chewing.
   Thanks to root canal treatment, both the appearance of advanced caries and painful inflammations that constantly make abscesses are put an end.
Root canal treatment takes about 1 hour. It is recommended not to consume hard and shell foods for a few days after the procedure.Root canal treatment is among the most important treatments for a person to have a healthy and repaired tooth.

If you have chronic toothaches and severe abscesses that cause constant pain, you should get treatment immediately. Aestheal's expert team provides reliable and healthy treatment to patients in dental health and root canal treatment.
You can contact us to get more detailed information about root canal treatment.

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