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Hair Transplantation

The Baldness Problem is Eliminated in 3 Months with the "Plus Pro FUE Hair Transplantation Technique", the first in the world applied in Aestheal Clinic Hair.

We will cover the transportation for our patients so they feel more comfortable and safe.

Our patient will meet the Doctor and benefits his consultancy and medical advices where he will get

full examination for bold area and the donor one then arrange for operation date.


After arranging operation date, you will get a blood test to ensure that everything is on the way and

your body health is compatible with the operation.

Using painless local anesthesia for the donor area makes it easier for the patient and the medical

team to achieve the perfect result.

After the operation, you will get warranty certificate and some medications that will be necessary for

getting faster healing.


As known as the rest day where you can stay at the hotel and follow doctor instructions and



Washing day , at that time we will teach you how to wash the donor and transplanted area carefully

and also how to use the other cosmetics correctly.

This happy conclusion means a new happy beginning for you that we are going to witness it together

at the airport.


Fue Technic

FUE is an abbreviation for (Follicular Unit Extraction) where the follicles transferred from the back of the head to the targeted area, in this technic the grafts are taken one by one using a special Mechanism and technical equipment.

FUE Technic Advantages:

One of the biggest advantages is the fast healing for the donor, transplanted area where during 24 to 48 hours the whole head starts to heal, and gets its normal color adding to, there is no need to use stitches that leaves marks and signs on the head.


DHI PLUS Technic

Most of patients think about the operation, many question wrecking balls in side their heads like how I am going to look like after the operation?. Do I have to get my whole head dug and shaved?. Normal questions because surgeries may affect our social life or work conditions also our aesthetic appearance.

Can we have a hair transplant without shaving?

The answer is yes this kind of operation can used for people who do not want to be shaved where shaving may effects social or work life.


Choi pens or DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) where the implanted follicles replaced immediately in the targeted area using a special pen that leaves no marks or swelling like the other ways. That pen plays important role controlling the capacity and distributing of hair follicles also the direction of new hair and comes in two sizes 0.6 – 1 mm

DHI Technic advantages

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