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You can regain your lost teeth with dental implant treatment. We use the most widely used German dental implants.

You can also choose your implant brand according to your preferences.



For the comfort and safety of our patients, we cover your transportations during the whole operation

In the beginning you will meet our dentist to benefit from his advices and point of view, then he will

examine your jaw condition and plan your treatment.


implant Surgery

The dentist will create and prepare the area in your gum where the implant will be placed.

After that the targeted places will be stitched to prevent any kind of complications

After implant surgery, you need to wait for your gums to heal and the implants to merge with the




After implant surgery, your doctor will prepare a plan for your recovery process.

You can grt a faster and easier recovery process by following your doctor's instructions and




After a rest day at your hotel, our team will accompany you to Aestheal Clinic for checking your

mouth and implants situation.


Tooth Measurement

Once your gums heals, the implants will be reexposed and your abutments placed.

Then your measurements are made so that your crowns can be prepared in the most suitable way for your mouth and tooth shape.


Recovery and Preparation

After the abutment is placed, you must wait for the healing process. It may take several more appointments with your dentist to obtain perfectly prepared crowns.


Crown Fitting

When the healing process is complete and your crowns are perfectly prepared for the shape of your

mouth and teeth your dentist will place your crowns perfectly and successfully.

After this procedure, we will accompany you to the airport to witness your step towards a new


Dental implants function just like a natural teeth. Where the surgeons places them under the gums in order to be stable for ever ,over the time dental implant naturally integrates into the bone.

Dental implants have many benefits

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